Colors that calm your mind

In this fast-paced life of ours and in trying to keep up with this rat race, we get so involved in running errands that we do not realize how overwhelming it can get and how much stress it can cause until we get back home. Colors have long known to have healing powers and different colors have different psychological effects on us.


When we think of the word "calm" and "relaxing" the first color that comes to mind is generally blue. Blue has a calming and soothing effect that aids in giving you good sleep. Hence, incorporating blue in your bedroom is a good idea. In addition, the color blue slows down your heart rate, lowers your blood sugar and reduces anxiety. Choose a soft and neutral shade of blue for your house.


Green is the color of nature, so small wonder then that this lovely color works wonders to calm your mind. Besides being a refreshing color, green also attracts harmonious feelings that can relieve anxiety. Go for beige-greens and pale yellow greens for your house.


When Aerosmith sang "pink is my favorite color", I'm sure they had experienced the calming effect of this beautiful color. Although known as a feminine color, pink brings peace and soothes the energy in just about any room in our house. Use lighter shades of pink to create that perfectly serene atmosphere in your home.


Although otherwise perceived as a dull and depressing color, grey, when used in the house, can bring a soothing and cooling effect to the room. What is great about this color is its versatility. Since it's a very neutral color, it goes well with any kind of furnishings and decor and can be used in any room, whether it's the living room or the bathroom.


The color of peace and purity is white. Need we say more about the effect it can have inside your house? White, when used in the house brings freshness to the room and gives clarity of thought. A white painted room is said to be ideal for a pregnant woman. However, the disadvantage of white is the difficulty of maintenance. If stained and dirty, it can reflect the same emotions in you.

Go ahead and pick a color and shade for each room of your house and come home to guaranteed calm and peace everyday.