Tips to survive this monsoon

Time to stay curled up at home with a hot cup of chai and a book, and enjoy the rains. This, of course, is an idyllic scenario and the daily hustle bustle that our busy lives necessitate the call for different ways to deal with the rain. Here a few tips:

Always remain geared up

The monsoon season is filled with unpredictability, so always be prepared to face those showers. Keep an umbrella handy at all times. If you commute by bike or public transport, carry along a raincoat or windcheater and gum boots.

Small eats and loose change

Riding on the unpredictability of the rains again, always carry a small packet of biscuit or snacks with you, as you never know when you will get stranded or terribly stuck in traffic due to heavy rains. Also, keep loose change with you at all times as you might not get cell phone coverage during heavy rains and might have to resort to a telephone booth.

Emergency lights and candles

Monsoons are a time of power cuts, so keep that emergency lamp charged and all those lovely candles within easy reach in the case of an outage.

Avoid flooded streets

No matter how short the route is if you take the diversion through that flooded street, do not enter it. The water is filled with all kinds of garbage and insects breeding on them, which can pose a serious health hazard if you are on foot. If you are in a car, there are chances of you getting stuck if the water level gets too deep.

Rain proof footwear

Save those leather shoes for clearer days. Get yourself a good pair of rain shoes that are not only water proof but also prevent you from getting electric shocks from an exposed wire on the street.

Save your electronics

Keep all your electronic devices including your cell phone inside plastic covers. Your bag might not give you complete rain coverage, especially in the case of heavy rains.

The above warnings notwithstanding, monsoons are a time to enjoy the weather, so stay safe and have fun.