What makes house a home

Once the first two are taken care of, our endeavor in life is to find that perfect piece of shelter that you can call home. However, 'home' is more of a concept and a feeling. Multiple factors come into play to make a house a home.

The inhabitants

Briefly put, it's family. Having you spouse lounging around, your kids playing, your parents sipping on their coffee -this is what makes it a home. A place where the people closest to you find their comfort zone, and you find solace in sharing this space with them.

The smell of everything comforting

The smell of home cooked food emanating from the kitchen, your mother's favorite incense lit up in the pooja room, the familiar smell of your spouse in the pillow, your kids baby powder it's these little nasal treats that make it a home.

The sounds

Your children screaming, the mixer in full action, the cooker whistling away, the TV blaring and your dog barking might seem like a lot of noise, but you can't deny that you miss it when they're not there. That's what makes a house a home.

A place where you can scratch where it itches

This needs no further explanation. A home is a place of no judgments. Everyone knows and accepts your little idiosyncrasies and you don't have to watch your manners at all times.

The routine

It's the little things you do daily or weekly, like dinner with family, gardening on Sundays, daily walks with your dog and reading stories to your kids at bedtime which make it a home.

The imperfections

The stains on your carpet, the scribbles on your wall, the clothes were strewn around, these little imperfections are what make a home. All those magazine ads you see of perfect homes are just that's ads. Your 'home' will never achieve that level of perfection and neither does it have to, because it's real.


No matter how modern your house is, there will always be that one armchair that belonged to your grandfather, or that rug that you use since you were a child. These little memorabilia will never lose their sentimental value and will always have a place in your house, er, home.